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"clothes won't change the world, but the children who wear them will."
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Here at Miss Magnolia Soul we are always on the look out for kids with fashion. There is nothing cuter than a well dressed child rocking the latest fashion trends. From Hunter rain boots to head wraps, bonnets, and even classic polos we LOVE It all! Make sure to shop these adorable models’ looks in the Kids With Style Section. 

(photo credit for sweet Ramie Jae goes to the incredible Jordan Harkleroad Photography)

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Fitness Motivation- 5 Tips To Keep You Motivated To Workout

Fitness Motivation- 5 Tips To Keep You Motivated To Workout

Have You Lost Your Fitness Motivation??

Fitness motivation is a funny thing. Sometimes we are super motivated and ready to crush our goals, and yet other times we just can’t seem to get ourselves into gear. Guys, I am going to be completely honest with you, my motivation has been at about a zero lately! I usually truly enjoy working out.  I must admit though, I have totally fell of the wagon over the last month. I have been very busy trying to start this blog, and I have been running on about negative five hours of sleep (Baby Kaylin REFUSES to let me sleep). Basically, I have found every excuse to put my workouts on the back burner.

This got me thinking…I can not be the only one who struggles with fitness motivation! We all want to look and feel great, but sometimes we just don’t want to put in the work to achieve it. Hopefully these 5 Fitness tips will help you to find your motivation, and have us looking like HOT mamas:)fitness motivation tips


5 Ways To Stay Motivated


What are you working for? Personally my ultimate goal is to have a LONG healthy life. Now don’t get me wrong..I want a killer butt too lol. You have heard that fitness has to be a lifestyle a million times, but it is so true! Short term goals are great, and give you something to really push hard to achieve, but you have to have long term goals as well! If you don’t have a long term goal chances are your fitness motivation will tank after you reach you 1st goal.


Make a plan to workout and stick to it. I have noticed if I go ahead and pack my gym clothes for my entire work week, I will actually go everyday. Another good tip is to download an exercise plan online and aim to complete it everyday. This will take the guesswork out of your workouts, and give you something to look forward to daily. Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going. I recently bought a workout shirt that says “EXCUSES DON’T BURN CALORIES“, and it is so true. Just make it happen!


If at all possible find a workout buddy! People, I am telling you this is a GAME CHANGER!! Your fitness motivation will bounce off each other, and your workouts will actually be fun! My sister is my workout buddy, and we have the best time laughing at each other. On the days I do not want to go, I know she is there waiting on me so I drag myself to the gym. If you can afford it a personal trainer works wonders! They will push you HARD to reach your potential.

Fitbits and other workout devices are also great ways to have friendly competitions, and stay motivated. There is just something about accountability.  Maybe its just my fear of looking like a sloth, but when I am doing a workweek challenge with Fitbit friends, I make sure to get my steps in!



Who is it that motivates you? For many its your children. We all want to be healthy, and be able to keep up right? For others its yourself. You may look at old pictures, and want your old body back! Girl, hang those jeans you want to be back in up in a spot where you see them everyday. Remember why you started!

Maybe its someone you follow on YouTube or Instagram that you look up to. Personally I love watching Buff Bunny on YouTube. She post her workouts, and healthy meals, and helps give me the drive I need to reach my goals. Whoever it may be, FIND your inspiration and be inspired to be the best you that you can be.


You will never be able to maintain your fitness motivation if you don’t allow balance in your life! Work hard to reach your goal- and then reward yourself. Have that treat day or whatever it may be that makes you happy.

Heck- have that Pizza or that icecream! Don’t go crazy though.  A slice of pizza, not the entire thing!! Hehe.

If you love workout clothes reward yourself with a new outfit, buy the shoes, take a trip…. Basically do what makes you HAPPY and HEALTHY!!!  Keep it in balance.


fitness motivation

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