Newborn Photography Tips For Parents

Newborn Photography Tips For Parents

Newborn Photography Advise

I have been obsessed with newborn photography since I was a teenager. I have always loved the Australian photographer Ann Geddes.  You know the lady who became famous with her newborn photo calendars and books? I was mesmerized by her ability to capture these tiny little babies in the most creative poses and positions. When I became pregnant I knew I wanted killer photos taken of my baby. newborn photography tips for parents

Newborn Photography Tips

Let me start by saying these photos take a lot of work, and VERY talented patient photographer. Babies have a mind of their own, and often are not thrilled with the crazy positions the photographers like to put them in. My second time around was a lot easier, because I knew what to expect with the session. I have put together a list of tips to help you get the most out of your sitting fee, and get those pictures you are dying to hang on your wall!

  1. Research– Know what kind of look you are after. Check out Pinterest for good ideas and styles you like. After you know what you want you can start the hunt for a photographer in your area. Most have websites with galleries to view their work.
  2. Get References– NO ONE wants an unreliable newborn photographer! This is one of the most important times of your life. Make sure to ask around, and get the best person for the job. You can not go back and recapture these images, so you need someone you can depend on for excellent work.
  3. Reserve- Most talented newborn photographers stay booked up for months at the time. While you can not be exact on your delivery date, most allow a “soft booking”. This is around the time of your due date. Reserve a spot as soon as possible!
  4. Timing- Newborn photos can be hard to capture due to crying. Most professionals request the session be within the first two weeks after birth. This is when your baby will sleep the most, and be “mold-able”.
  5. Scheduling– I recommend that you do not schedule your shoot for first thing in the morning. Life is hectic when you get home from the hospital with your new baby. Many nights I did not go to bed until the wee hours of the night. Give your self a little extra time to get up and get ready, so you do not look and feel like a zombie!
  6. Planning- The best newborn photography tip I can offer is to make your baby as sleepy as possible. They do so much better if they are tired. Try your best to wake them up 2-3 hours prior to the shoot, and DO NOT feed them until you get there.  I put my daughter in the bathtub to keep her awake before we left our house. In the car I did my best to not let her dose off. It is hard, but will be worth your effort in the end. If  you think your baby sleeps a lot and will be fine, remember they probably will not sleep like they do for you at home. Keep in mind they are usually naked, and being moved around which disturbs their sleep. You want them extra sleepy!
  7. Shooting- Prepare to be there for a LONG time. Both of my daughter’s pictures took about 4-5 hours. If your planning on family pictures you may want to do these first so your husband can leave with your other children after their pictures are over. On that note….prepare your man! For some reason most men despise taking pictures. My husband had no idea this was going to be an all afternoon event. Warn them so they know what to expect.newborn photography tips Also expect it to be EXTREMELY hot! Most newborn photographers use space heaters to keep your little bundle of joy warm and cozy.  This is uncomfortable, but important for your baby’s temp regulation since they are naked.
  8. Feedings- Since you will be taking pictures for a long time, prepare to feed your infant at the shoot. A valuable tip I learned from my photographer is newborns will typically eat more during pictures that at home. If you are bottle- feeding, make the bottles with a few more ounces than usual, and nursing moms will want to take your cover and be prepared to take nursing breaks.
  9. Outfits–  If you would like to bring special outfits be sure to discuss it with your photography prior to your shoot. Many professionals have a limit of outfit changes allowed, or may charge additional for this service. Most are very open to meeting your request, and are willing to work with you. I stressed over what headbands to bring, and when I arrived my photographer had an entire wall to choose from. Lesson learned! My daughter was born right before Easter so it was special to me to have her in this bunny costume⇓ ⇓ ⇓ and my photographer was excited to capture it for me! newborn photography tips
  10. Contract– Make sure to have a contract with your photographer. This should outline what is included in your cost, and when your proofs will be ready. Trust me you are going to be so eager to receive your photos!!! Having a timeline will help you to relax, and will also prevent it taking forever to receive your final product!

I hope these 10 Newborn Photography Tips Help!!!! I would love to see your sweet babies tag me @missmagnoliasoul! Also check out What to Wear for your baby’s newborn pictures!

I would like to thank my incredibility talented Photographer Brittany Jury for all of the timeless photos she took for me! I’m in love with all of them!! If you are in South Ga, you should check her out!

Xoxo, Morgan

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