Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss

Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss

How to Deal With Postpartum Hair Loss

While I am excited to lose my baby weight, I am less than thrilled about my hair falling out at an alarming rate. After searching for hours about what to do about the fact that my shiny, thick pregnancy locks were now laying on the shower floor, and covering my hair brush after the birth 1st child I was prepared for it my second time around. Hair loss after pregnancy (also known as postpartum alopecia) is super common. No one warns you when your pregnant that you may soon be searching for solutions for postpartum hair loss!

Pregnancy causes a sky rocket of hormones including your estrogen levels. If you feel like your hair wasn’t the only thing thicker on your body, you are right. The high levels of estrogen and the increased blood circulation aiding in your baby’s development also prevents your hair from falling out at the normal rate. This equals beautiful thick hair.

Now press fast forward to after delivery and your estrogen levels will be back to normal usually within 24 hours. Don’t expect to see your hair fall out this fast though. From my personal experience, and lots of research it appears that the 3-4 month mark is when you will start to notice the loss.

What?? My Hair is going to fall OUT?

Funny story about my postpartum hair loss struggle…I tried hard to style my hair so you couldn’t see the patches that were missing, but at home I just threw it up in a pony tail. One day I could feel my husband staring at my hairline. He had the most confused look on his face. Then he uttered the words no hormonal sleep deprived mama wants to hear, “Babe, did your SHAVE your head”??? I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.


Luckily there are some solutions to help with postpartum hair loss

Prenatal Vitamins

Mamas, as a registered nurse I can’t stress important it is to continue taking your prenatal vitamins, especially if breastfeeding. Most women will take the vitamins for the entire pregnancy, and quit after delivery. DON’T DO THIS! Our bodies need these vitamins for our overall health.vitamins


Another vitamin that I recommend and noticed a difference in my hair growth is Biotin (Vitamin H). Keratin is a protein that makes up our hair, skin and even our fingernails. Biotin aids in keratin production which is why many swear by it. It is very affordable and can be purchased at most stores that sell vitamins. I like to shop with Amazon Prime, because let’s admit shopping in PJs beats going to the store with little ones, and they have tons of different brands to choose from.

Hair Products-

My last tip for the postpartum hair loss is a good teasing brush and volumizing shampoo. When styling my hair I use a root lifter and then go to town teasing my hair. This will make your hair appear thicker, but for the love of the good Lord above make sure to smooth it out after teasing it. Nothing will be worse than thinning, “did you shave your head”, teased up hair. HEHEHEH.

This YouTube Tutorial by Sam Villa Salon is awesome! He will teach you tips and tricks to style your postpartum hair. He even goes into great detail to teach you how to blow dry your hair to help with the fly-aways.

And like Mama always says…”this too shall pass” 🙂



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