The Best Full Coverage Foundation For Dark Spots

The Best Full Coverage Foundation For Dark Spots

Melasma- Dark Spots on Face

Today I wanted to take a minute to review two full coverage foundations I have been using for over a year now to cover the dark spots on my face. I always had a very even skin tone, until my twenties when i noticed dark spots appearing. Melanin is responsible for giving your hair and skin their color. When there is too much melanin production, dark spots may appear on different portions of your body including your face. Lucky us huh? The term for this is Melasma, which is a patchy brown discoloration of the skin on the face. When it occurs in pregnancy, it’s called chloasma. That doesn’t even sound pretty does it?? “Chloasma”. Uhhhh, I rebuke that mess in the name of Jesus, because let me tell you it’s a pain!!!

My OBGYN told me the dark spots on my face were associated with my hormones levels. Therefore, many girls who take birth control pills or are pregnant suffer from this condition. When I first noticed the small brown spots on my face I was about 27 years old. I remember seeing a small brown patch under my eye, and being upset…. I had no clue just how minor this was. If  I only knew that this tiny brown spot on my face was nothing compared to the UGLY brown mustache that would soon follow.

Yes, I said mustache.

It was so odd. It was like I had tan skin right over my lip and no where else. Funny story:  One Summer we had family vacation at the beach. I thought I could outsmart my melasma, so I applied sunscreen ONLY to my upper lip! Y’all!!! It was BAD! REAL BAD! My face got fried, and my brown mustache now looked white as snow! My brother in law had the best time picking on me.

Anyways, many of my girlfriends suffer with the same issue with these pesky brown spots and patches on their faces. So do not feel alone if you are fighting this battle. I know there are several medical creams, face washes, and products that are suppose to remove the brown spots, but I never seamed to have much luck. I even tried many very expensive face care systems including Rodan + Fields Reverse and Obagi .

These products work miracles for many people, and may be worth a try for you. When it came to my melasma and chloasma I just didn’t get the results I was hoping for. This is when my pursuit for the best full foundation began.Georgia Life and Style Blogger Miss Magnolia Soul reviews best full coverage foundation for dark spots

Full Coverage Foundation For Dark Spots

There are several amazing Full Coverage Foundations on the market these days. For today’s beauty review I am only going to cover two. The reason I chose the Loreal Infallible Total Cover and Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able is because I wanted you to have a high and low end option when shopping makeup. I know many people are on a budget, and can not afford high end make up.

Marc Jacobs Vs. L’Oreal

Marc Jacobs- Re(marc)able $55 Georgia Lifestyle blogger Miss Magnolia Soul's beauty review on Marc Jacobs Remarcable Full Coverage Foundation Make Up

I discovered Marc Jacobs’ Re(marc)able full coverage foundation a when I was pregnant with Kaylin. My girlfriend came to work, and her face was flawless! I called her over and asked her spill her secret.  I was on a mission to find a good base to cover up all of the dark patches on my face! Marc Jacobs was her answer! I went straight to Sephora and picked some up. This foundation has 22 shades to choose from and is oil-free.


The foundation concentrate is SUPER pigmented, and gives your skin flawless full coverage. The pigments are wrapped in an ingredient called lecithin, which provides a texture that feels similar to your own skin. I think it is easy to blend, which can sometimes be an issue when it comes to true full coverage foundation. I recommend using a foundation brush or a damp beauty blender sponge to apply.  Warning… this is a FULL coverage makeup, and it literally only takes a pea size amount to cover your face and dark spots. It will turn cakey if you use too much, but with the right amount you will achieve a smooth soft-matte finish.

I think Re(marc)able gives your complexion a more radiant, natural-looking glow. They hit a home run for helping cover pores, blemishes, melasma, and other imperfections.  Do NOT buy this make foundation if you do not like full coverage, because it covers everything! They claim 24 hours, but I rate it more of about 12 hours.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates


In my opinion this makeup is worth the money if you have issues with your skin. I am not currently using it since my face seems to be clearing up, and I honestly just don’t need the coverage now. I do highly recommend it though, and would definitely purchase it again. Thumbs up!

My shade: Re(Marc)able26 Bisque Medium

L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover $10Georgia Lifesyle blogger Miss Magnolia Soul's beauty reveiw for Loreal's Infallalble total coverage foundation to help with dark spots on your face

My favorite Beauty YouTuber Kelly Stark introduced me to Infallible Total Cover (watch her review here) last year. This foundation can be bought at any drugstore for around 10 bucks! I want to include it in this review because, while it is not quite as good as the Marc Jacobs for the price point it’s a great foundation! One downside is you can only get this in 12 shades.  However, it was easy for me to find my perfect match.


This is a full coverage foundation that blends easily with a damp beauty blender and does a wonderful job of covering the dark spots on my face. It becomes almost like a second skin with a beautiful, natural finish that’s neither matte or glowy. I was intrigued the first time I used it, because it had a mousse type feel and was so smooth.  I love how light weight it feels on my face.

L’Oreal also claims this product last for 24 hours. In Kelly Stark’s all day challenge at the 15th hour it still looked great! I would say on my normal to oily skin I need to reapply at the 8 hour mark. This makeup is not near as thick as the Re(marc)able, and may be a better option if you are not big on “FULL” coverage. I know L’Oreal claims this make up is so full coverage it will cover a tattoo, but I have to call them out on this… I would say this is more of a medium to full coverage.


Overall I give this foundation a great rating.  Even though it’s not completely full coverage, it offers more coverage than your typical drugstore foundation. I don’t think it ever looks heavy or cakey, and it feels completely weightless on the skin. Thumbs up!

My Shade: 304 Natural Buff



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