AVOID Temper Tantrums

AVOID Temper Tantrums

Guide to Avoid Temper Tantrums In Toddlers

Lets get right into ways to avoid temper tantrums. You are standing in line to check out, and you turn to see what the earth shattering noise is… it is a toddler screaming his lungs out grasping the wanted toy his mother is saying NO to, having a temper tantrum .  We have all been here, and many of us thought to our (PRE parent) self, “My child will NOT act like that”! Insert laughing emoji here.  The terrible twos are REAL people, and in my case have turned into the terrible threes. It was just last week I was the mom saying no to a doughnut. Who knew that not getting a doughnut right before dinner would cause the world to end right there on isle 5 in our local Walmart.

Tips to avoid temper tantrums

Here Are 5 Ways to Help You Avoid Temper Tantrums

  1. Face it! This will happen to you at some point in your toddler’s life. Expect it, and understand you are not the only mother who this is happening to will make it easier. Oh and on that note do not mom shame those around you see a poor mama dealing with a temper tantrum. Trust me it could be you next week- hehe.
  2. Prepare your child before entering the store. Make it clear to your child that you will not being buying anything extra. “Mama is only getting milk, nothing else”. Keep in mind this will not prevent all melt downs from occurring, but preparing your toddler to not expect anything will help.tips to avoid temper tantrumsAvoid Temper Tantrums

  3. Barter… okay I get this is not the best approach. Let’s all be honest though we are all doing the best we can to get through our day and shopping with the least amount of stress possible! Often times I will tell my 3 year old Jaycee as we enter the store, “If you are a sweet girl I will buy you a drink or a piece of candy”. This trick often gets me out of the store for less than a buck, and she is not focused on a new toy. She loves to be able to pick a piece of candy that they “conveniently” place right by the checkout counter. (Stores sure set us parents up for temper tantrums huh?)
  4. Try to schedule your shopping trips after your child has had their meal/nap. We all know hungry tired children lead to CRAZY mamas. Need I say more?? Well other than the fact of nothing beats shopping ALONE!!! Am I the only mom who feels like I have won the lotto when I can go to the store all alone?? Try your best to get groceries without the kiddos if at all feasible. Trust me your nerves will thank you.tips to avoid temper tantrums
  5. So all of these tips have not worked, and there you are in Kroger with your little one lying on the nasty floor screaming her lungs out over a candy bar… Repeat after me, “Stay CALM, stay calm”, seriously do your best to stay in control. When it comes to avoiding temper tantrums, be consistent and do not give in. If you cave and give them what they want to make the screaming stop, you are just setting yourself up for failure. Try to distract your child when possible. Just know many times you just have to ignore them, and get out of the store As Soon As Possible. Most importantly say a quick prayer there is NO one around that knows you.  Hahah just joking!

Good luck  with avoiding temper tantrums my fellow mommies!

Remember, as my Mama always says, “this too shall pass”.



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