What to Wear for Newborn Photos

What to Wear for Newborn Photos

Preparing for Newborn Photos

If you are anything like me you are already stressing about what to wear for your newborn’s photo session. Since I have done this twice now I would like to stress this to you…..RELAX! (I wish someone would have stressed this to me) They are going to turn out perfect!

What to Wear

Here is some of my advise to look your very best in your newborn’s photos:

  1. Clothes

    Keep it simple when picking out what to wear in your pictures. Stick with solid colors. You do not want any loud or busy print. Most pictures will focus on you from the shoulders up.  I personally love the skin to skin look, and opted for a neutral wrap. Since I did not have a strapless bra that still fit, I just tucked my bra straps into the wrap. what to wear in newborn family picturesA simple black tee shirt looks great especially if you want black and white prints. White or beige is a good option as well. what to wear in newborn family pictures

  2. Nails

    Keep it classic. I love a good trendy manicure as much as the next lady, but in your newborn’s pictures you may want to keep it timeless.  You will be thankful, when you look back at your photos. I made sure to get gel nails prior to delivery since I knew I wouldn’t feel like going to the salon after my c-section. I stuck with a light pink hue.  It’s fine if you can’t get a manicure, just make sure to have your nails looking nice, since most shots will be zoomed in close to your hands. NO CHIPPED MESSY NAILS mamas!

  3. Make up                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           If you can afford it let someone pamper you by doing your make-up! They will know exactly what kind of make up to use to have you looking your best for photos. If you do your own make sure to use a sunscreen free foundation! You do not want flashback. Oh and lashes… Try false lashes or use a really volumizing mascara like my FAVORITE!!!- Lancome Monsieur Mascara (available here at Amazon) This mascara is awesome at giving you long lashes! Please read my beauty review here
  4. Hair

    Once again I recommend keeping it simple. Now is not the time to try a new hair style. My best tip is to stick to what works for you.

  5. Sleep

    Hahhahaha our babies are laughing at us right now.  Okay I get you may not be able to get the best sleep before your newborn’s photo session, but try to get a little extra rest. I recommend not booking your pictures first thing in the morning. This will allow you to wake up at your own pace and have plenty of time transform into the beautiful mother I know you are!!!!

  6. Pack Extra                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Poop happens! In my case it happened like 5 times! You will be holding your precious bundle of joy naked…Pack extra clothes just in case you need to change. what to wear for newborn photos

Follow these simple tips on what to wear for your newborn’s photos and you will be very pleased with your pictures! Remember you just delivered a miracle, and there is nothing more beautiful than that!!!!!

I would like to thank my incredibility talented Photographer Brittany Jury for all of the timeless photos she took for me! I’m in love with all of them!! If you are in South Ga, you should check her out!



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