Your Wake Up Call- Bible Devotion

Your Wake Up Call- Bible Devotion

Miss Magnolia Soul Bible Devotion

“Beep beep BEEEEEEEAAAAAP”… I rolled over to turn off my alarm clock this morning, my 1st thought was NO, I don’t want to do this again today! Have you ever been there? Not ready to face your day.

As a nurse, I have worked all kinds of crazy shifts over the years. These early work hours made me despise my alarm clock. The mere sound of it made me cringe.  I recently read an alarm clock is one of the most hated sounds in the whole universe. Do you agree? I recently read in the Huffington Post that in the old days before alarms, the church would wake up the community with the church bells. If I had to guess I bet our ancestors hated that noise as well!

I say all of this to point out where we are going wrong.

See when I got to work I saw an elderly man in the hallway.  He was struggling to walk, and depended heavily on his cane. He was fighting for air, and his cough was deep.  I instantly felt sorry for this poor old man. I rushed to help him open the door. It was at that moment I noticed the sweetest smile on his face. His wrinkles were deep, but his smile lines were deeper. Making conversation I asked the gentleman how his morning was going. His response stopped me in my tracks. He said, “Well I am blessed. The good Lord let me wake up another day, and I am still able to hear my alarm clock. Life is good”.

Wow! What a wake up call for me!

The very sound that annoyed me, was a reminder of a blessing to someone else. Doesn’t God have a funny way of showing us what he wants us to see?

As someone who has struggled with depression, I am convinced we have to make a real effort to be “happy“.  We have to choose to open our eyes, and see our blessings. I believe that God blesses us daily, and wants us all to be happy. The secret is to change our focus, and stop the negative thinking. Today I challenge you to open your heart, and see the positive side of things. Your happiness depends on this!

I think we truly have to create the life we want and desire. Everyday when the alarm goes off, we have to wake up and decide to be happy. One of my favorite sayings is by Bernard Kelvin Clive.

He says, “Your mind can be either your prison or your palace. What you make it is yours to decide”.

We have a choice to wake up every day expecting amazing things to happen to us.  After all we do have His favor! We are children of the KING!!blogger Miss Magnolia Soul shares a daily bible devotion on God's Blessings

Comment below something your are thankful for, and as always thanks for stopping by:)



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